[PREMIERE] Outside Your House – Gallant Encounters

Cutting edge stuff from Durham.

For The Rabbits

Hailing from the city of Durham, Outside Your House describe themselves as a “barely rap” duo, consisting of Faithful Johannes (words) and Jonathan Swift (tunes). The pair are set to release their debut album next week, and today we’re sharing the title track from it, Gallant Encounters.

4Photo by Steven Bardgett

Outside Your House’s sound is almost impossible to pin-down, combining equal parts Roots Manuva and New Order, but not really sounding like anything, or anyone, you’ve ever heard before. Atop a musical backing of pounding beats, and stabs of glacial synths, Faithful paints pictures of late night misdemeanours and the unglamorous reality of waking up after them. There’s something wonderfully honest about the grime and distinctly Northern grit Outside Your House infuse their songs with, a million miles away from the slick studio sound that has come to dominate rap.

The track is accompanied by a video that is equal parts alien-mystery-thriller and homage to …

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Joe Solo – doing the work of Woody Guthrie

Joe Solo

From the twisted statistics
And newspaper lies
To the hidden agendas
And family ties
From those cutting the corners
For cash when it kills
To money men gloating
Their hands in the tills
Of those making amends
While they’re making a stack
This is OUR world
And we’re taking it back
See this is still something
You rich never learned
Respect isn’t beaten into us
It’s earned
It’s not there in the rod
Or the crack of the whip
Not being bound to the stake
Or the mast of the ship
Not in thumbscrews, in gallows
In the chair or the rack
This is OUR world
And we’re taking it back
See we are the People
We dream and we hope
And we live
And we love
And we laugh
And we cope
And we carry our burden
We pick up the slack
This is OUR world

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Supporting Local Music Is So Important

There are some links here with my piece ‘Whatever happened to all the Working Class Hero’s’.

‘I hate local music!’, is a sentence I heard far too frequently when working at a community radio station. It’s one I just couldn’t understand, local music is such a varied thing filled with different people of different walks of life, performing different styles and genres of music – kind of like every other piece of music we hear on the radio and in the charts…

Every band and artist began as a local band or artist (well most of them). Without gigging within their local area and having friends, family and fellow music fans go along and support them, they wouldn’t have struck lucky and you’d never have heard of them. Take Arctic Monkeys as an example, if it wasn’t for them gigging in and around Sheffield and having people write about them and their music online, they wouldn’t be where they are now – which is somewhere in…

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“You’ll Never Change The World.”

A few words from Joe Solo.

Joe Solo

No Pasaran 8
“You’ll never change the world,” you say,
And yes, that would be true,
If all we had to call upon
Were people just like you;
Who haven’t got the stomach;
And haven’t got the heart;
Who slaver when their bell rings;
Who are beaten from the start;
But thankfully there’s thousands
Who haven’t given in;
Who’ll never be defeated
Even if they never win;
Who stand up when it matters
And who’ll shout out now with pride:
“Yes, maybe we won’t change the world
But at least we f***ing tried.”

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